E-Bike Market Report "E-Bikes in Europe"

Market Report E-Bikes in Europe

Following their first report on the supply side of the market in Germany, around a year and a half ago, mod21 and Greenfinder have now turned their attention to the whole of Europe, flagging up market developments, and revealing changes in market structure   and model characteristics in distinct user categories such as city, trekking and mountain bikes.

This market report is modular in its format, so it offers you the opportunity to gain information selectively, subject by subject.

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Module A analyses the demand for e-bikes in Europe

  • Where does Europe stand in a worldwide context? 
  • What will unit sales figures be in Europe in 2020? 
  • Which countries have developed most, and how? 
  • Where is there still potential? 
  • Which are the top growth markets going forwards?

Module B analyses e-bike models, their specification and features:

  • Specification and features are broken down for analysis into eight user categories (city, trekking, MTB, compact, cargo, sport, lifestyle and special), as well as for e-bikes overall and for S-class models only. 
  • For e-bikes overall, and in the separate user categories, comparisons of e-bike models from model year 2012/2013 with those from model year 2014/2015 reveal the development of e-bikes in Europe.
  • Also, what's been going on when it comes to frame types, weight, drive system concepts, range, batteries, transmissions, brakes and suspension?  
  • What trends can be identified for the future with regard to particular user categories?

Module C  is dedicated to examining e-bike manufacturers and suppliers:

  • How is the value added chain structured? What significance do contract manufacturers in Asia have for the European market?  
  • Who are the top 5 key players in Europe? How are they structured? What are their market positions and strategies? 
  • Which suppliers are particularly worth watching in Europe?
  • What are the major international manufacturers doing? Which smaller suppliers are following an innovative approach? Who are the active players in the cargo and compact e-bike sectors?
  • What happened in 2014 and 2015 on the supply side of the industry?

Module D takes a closer look at e-bike drive systems and components:

  • How has the relative popularity of different drive system concepts developed? Which suppliers are out in front for each drive concept?  
  • Who are the top 10 motor manufacturers and how are they positioned? Which other players offer motors and innovative drive systems?
  • Which batteries are fitted to e-bike models? Which manufacturers dominate the market for e-bike batteries? 
  • Who supplies other electronic components, such as displays or sensors?
  • What trends and developments can be expected in the drive system and component markets?

Module E details the search behaviour of potential e-bike buyers:

  • Which search criteria are most frequently entered by users on the comparison platform? 
  • This module includes top lists and graphics for the most searched-for brands, user categories, frame types, motor positions, transmission type and also maximum weight, maximum price and minimum range. It also provides top lists of the most-clicked models and dealers.

Who will find this study useful?

This report will assist actors in the e-bike market such as manufacturers of electric bikes, component manufacturers and infrastructure providers as an informational basis for strategic market positioning, or for evaluation of the market and competitive landscape. 

Companies and organisations wishing to gain insight into this booming market will also benefit from this aggregated summary of the e-bike market.

This analysis brings transparency amid the multitude of e-bike models,  so it is also directed to vehicle manufacturers and dealers, to energy suppliers, to consultancies, to cities and municipalities, to tourism service providers, to companies with employee transport fleets, etc.

Order the big e-bike market report HERE

The complete market report can be ordered online, priced at EUR 2,480 plus VAT, also by e-mail on studie(at) or by telephone on +49 (0) 6223 48 600 91. Please be sure to provide full contact details of the orderer. Delivery of the report will follow payment by invoice (payment is requested in advance), by Paypal or by credit card.

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