Exhibitor Info - Demo Area Eurobike

1. Download Contract

Please download the Demo Area Contract here and upload the signed document via the 2nd step.


Download Contract

2. Upload contract

Please register here and upload the signed contract.


Upload contract

Terms of Participation

Please read the Terms of Participation carefully and be aware of the regulations for stand assembly and opening times!

Terms of Participation

4. Test rides

After successful registration, all test riders will receive a wristband for identification. Registration will take place outdoor at 2 central registration booths. Test vehicles will be marked with a tyvek band as well.

Important Info - FAQ

Every exhibitor with a booth at DEMO AREA will participate with their test vehicles in the testing process. Therefore, test vehicles have to be labeled with a tyvek-band which will be handed out at central registration.

  1. Visitors register online in advance or via QR code or device on site
  2. A survey will be implemented within the registration
  3. Upon successful registration the visitor is provided with a wristband
  4. Visitors fetch their test bike, labeled with a tyvek band as well
  5. When testers enter the course, bands will be checked for entrance

At the exhibitor’s discretion an additional security (e.g. ID card or driving license) may be required after the wristband has been checked. We recommend a careful check of the ID card, since forged ID cards have been presented at other events.

Instruct the test riders on the handling and particularities of the respective test bike. Please note that e-bikes may only be driven with a valid driving license (moped, car).

All e-bikes will be additionally marked with a special tyvek band on the handlebars. The tyvek bands will ebhanded out at Greenfinders central registration booth FGO.

Please recommend your test riders to wear a helmet. A helmet is compulsory for e-bikes.

    • A helmet  is recommended for all test rides 
    • The organizer shall not be liable for accidents of any kind
    • Waste produced during assembly and dismantling of the booth shall be disposed of by the exhibitor himself 
    • The use of pegs shall only be permitted upon coordination with the Messe
    • Please take note of the conditions of participation of the DEMO AREA!

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