E-Bike prices

How much does a pedelec or an e-bike cost?

An e-bike or a pedelec is distinguished technically from a similar bicycle type mainly by 3 additional components: engine, battery and controller. Because of that electric bicycles are usually 500-1500 € more expensive than similar bicycles without any propulsion. Costs for electric bicycles have noticeably dropped due to a continuously increasing demand. In addition, manufacturers of electric bicycles consistently produce better and more efficient models.

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You should budget about 1.000 € for a proper pedelec. There is no upper limit to equipment and costs.

Consumer advocates advise against cheap pedelecs for 600 € because the processing is often unsatisfactory. Even the supermarket ALDI had pedelecs on offer for 699€ and also the newspaper BILD offered a Volks-E-Bike by Fischer for 999 €. The problem with it is the battery and its lifetime. Furthermore the engines cannot always impress with their power. However, anybody can convince oneself of the quality during a test drive or just rent an electric bicycle sometime. Costs vary greatly depending on the category:

With a city bike you get through traffic more relaxed and without breaking a sweat. You have room for your purchases and the feelgood factor is a priority: Models for newcomers are available for about 1.300 €, more exclusive models cost about 2.100 €.

Who wants to use his bike for bike tours should budget about 1.700 €. These pedelecs focus on range and travel comfort.

Sporting efforts exceeding 25 km/h require better material for battery and engine. The sports car among pedelecs is also popular with commuters who occasionally leave their car at home: retailing for about 2.500 €. The investment should pay off quickly considering the increasing gas prices.

Of cource there are special pedelecs that are distinguished for their particular features. Especially popular among rail travelers are electric folding bikes which are available starting at 2.400 €.

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