How much does an e-bike or pedelec weigh?

Because of the engine and battery a pedelec or an e-bike is heavier than a regular bicycle. How much weight do you have to expect and what is suitable for daily use?

A customary mountainbike without a battery or engine weighs about 11 kg. Propulsions could weigh 2 to 9 kg. Consequently a pedelec weighs 13 to 25 kg.

A light propulsion does not have a lot of power. By means of recuperation a bigger engine is able to partially recharge itself while activated and because of its power it enables even longer distances and ascents. A lot of weight is not necessarily a negative feature.

If the pedelec often has to be lifted, weight is very important. Nobody wants to carry 20 kg up to the second floor or down the basement every day. But weight is a minor part for common use. It is noticeable only on long bike tours, great ascents and sporting use. Generally speaking: light weigh always works well.

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