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Go on holiday with tailwind

E-bikes and pedelecs are clearly on the rise. The bikes with an electric-drive quickly open more and more everyday areas: the e-cargo bike renders small cars redundant and e-mountain bikes conquer the mountains. So why not head off on vacation by e-bike? You can read all about e-bikes and pedelecs for your next trip in this guide – thereby you conquer every mountain and there will always be tailwind.

Just refrain from your car on your next vacation! The movement by an e-bike or a pedelec will elate you with new ease: also the recreational cyclist must not remain in the valley, but can reach the most beautiful places thanks to the electric assist – high mountains, viewpoints and steep areas. Along the way on well-built bicycle trails you explore beautiful regions and enjoy nature more intensively. Just spontaneously stop at idyllic sceneries and cover longer distances without struggling. Breathe fresh air, boost your circulation, strengthen your muscular strength and thus promote your health. Activity holidays are the trend!
Traffic jams and holiday traffic are history and your activities are independent of stops and timetables.

The built-in electric motor eventually opens completely new perspectives for a cycling holiday. While bicycle tours usually took place in rather scenically flat regions, you can explore mountainously regions such as the Black Forest or the Alps on e-bike tours.

With an e-bike or pedelec even less conditioned cyclists can take a long e-bike trip without overexerting themselves. E-bike trips offer a great start and a gentle muscle development for untrained cyclists. The additional assist is not only easy on joints and knees, it also protects against overburdening circulation, heart and muscles. The pedelec motor assists your riding up to an enjoyable travel speed of 25 km/h. Even cyclists with athletic ambitions can expand their trips and capacities due to the electric motor as an additional boost: you cope with much more difficult stages and challenging tours. Thanks to the e-bike, you can accomplish even steep ascents with ease. Depending on the form on the day, fatigue, weather or difficulty level, you individually and adjustably switch on the electric assist. The level of assistance of most electric bikes can be individually adjusted via a display on the handlebar. Usually you choose between the stages such as Eco, City, Tour or Sport.

Travelling with a pedelec is intense enjoyment of riding and nature. This leaves more time to enjoy the panorama at viewpoints or to take a well-deserved break in a beer garden. Thanks to the electric motor you can easily proceed without much effort. 

Another advantage of e-bike travelling: If you contemplate buying an e-bike or pedelec you can first test the riding experience extensively on vacation. You do not have to plan an entire trip: Pedelecs can be rented by the day on vacation! By now there are well-developed networks for the pedelec rental in many tourist regions. You can rent a pedelec for about 20 EUR per day and test it on a beautiful bicycle tour on site. Even e-bike charging stations are now offered in many tourist regions and along the most popular bicycle trails. This is especially important for multi-day trips or riding uphill, since the battery has to provide more power. The power and range of the batteries have greatly improved in the past years and at a medium support they are sufficient for a distance of approximately 50 to 60 kilometers.
You can learn more about that topic here and find a few providers for pedelec-travels
If you want to organize your pedelec trip yourself, you can find all e-bikes and pedelecs in our overview.
Before you go on a trip you should always make sure that everything works properly. You can get a holiday-check at a retailer of trust nearby.

Hier gibt es mehr zum Thema und ein paar Anbieter für Pedelec-Reisen

Wer seine Pedelec-Tour selbst organisieren möchte, der findet hier alle E-Bikes und Pedelecs in der Übersicht.

Vor einer Tour sollte man immer sicherstellen, dass auch Alles ordnungsgemäß funktioniert. Den Urlaubs-Check gibt es beim Händler des Vertrauens in der Nähe.

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