E-cargo bikes: the new type of transportation

Cargo bikes in new designs

Whether you transport children, groceries, packages or beer crates: An e-cargo bike combines many application possibilities and functions contemporarily. Not only in cities with a high traffic density and lack of parking, the e-cargo bike is gaining ground.


Cargo bikes in new designs

The e-cargo bike has dissociated itself from the eco-image in terms of design and reaches target groups who want to convey their stuff fast, affordably and environmentally consciously. It is not possible to imagine commercial industries such as the postal delivery or the pizza delivery, courier companies, delivery services in general and mobile stalls or push carts, without the e-cargo bike.


Pedelec-propulsion facilitates transportation with a cargo bike

With an electric cargo bike you can also carry those transports by bike which you would not put on a regular bicycle rack or in a backpack. Because the supporting construction of cargo bikes is extremely stable and depending on the model, cargo bikes have transport boxes in which not only children could fit in but also your weekly shopping groceries. Thereby, bulky and heavy cargo is carried fast, environmentally consciously and health-consciously from A to B. Due to the electric drive, the additional weight does not matter. The electric assistance does also help to retain the riding pleasure in traffic, when starting at traffic lights, in stop-and-go traffic and it helps to move on fast.

E-cargo bike as a car replacement

E-cargo bikes are the ideal and contemporary alternative to cars and render the use of a gas-guzzling car redundant. They are not only less expensive in purchase and up-keeping, but in the city you are also faster on the move with an e-cargo bike: past traffic jams and construction sites and you also do not waste your time on looking for a parking spot. According to the VCD (German association of traffic participants) the costs per kilometer of a cargo bike are well below those of a car or a motor scooter.

Basically, advantages of a cargo bike increase the shorter the distance traveled, the more stops along the way and the worse the traffic and parking space situation. Therefore cargo bikes are especially suitable for cities and company grounds.

Especially in cities, on short distances and in difficult parking space situations, you reach your destination significantly faster by bicycle or by cargo bike. Traffic jams and construction sites do not mean a loss of time anymore. Due to the electric motor you can use both streets and for bicycles approved paths such as one-way streets or shortcuts. Thanks to the electric motor which assists up to 25 km/h, on many distances you are faster than cars which can only reach average speeds of 20-30 km/h downtown. 

Although acquisition costs of an e-cargo bike are between 2.000 and 3.000 EUR, maintenance costs compared to those of a car are unbeatable low. The reasons are simple: Cargo bikes or e-cargo bikes do not need gas and the costs for power needed for the electric propulsion are vanishing low. A (theft-) insurance is optional and it only costs 20-30 EUR per month which is extremely low for a bike worth 2.000 EUR. A cargo bike needs essentially less space and repair and maintenance costs are far below those of a car. Additionally a cargo bike offers enough space for advertising surfaces which you can rent or use for self-promotion.

Who has not been sitting in traffic with your family on Saturdays and was annoyed because you missed the nice weather outside. With an e-cargo bike it is also possible to transport great loads such as your weekly food shopping and your kids can come along, too. Thereby your food shopping turns into a family-bicycle trip and you could also stop at an ice cream shop spontaneously. Furthermore, half an hour of bicycling everyday promotes your health: According to a research study of the DGK (German Cardiac Society) it can lengthen your life for another 3-5 years.

Especially the commercial traffic all over the city is an environmental damage. High pollution emissions, fine dust pollution and the fuel consumption harm the environment and affect the quality of life. There is also the huge demand for parking spaces and underground parking garages. With an e-cargo bike you exercise contemporary – health-consciously and environmentally friendly. It can also make sense for companies or local communities to shift the economic transactions of motor vehicles to environmentally acceptable transportations such as the e-cargo bike. Cargo bikes are the ideal choice because the CO2 emissions are vanishing low, they do not pollute the air with fine dust, they do not make any noise and they need far less space to shelter or park. If you travel 20 km everyday by e-cargo bike instead of a car, you could save about 300 kg CO2 per year.

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